In reality, our relationships with our siblings are pretty straightforward; they send us emails about the stupid things your parents say about “the Facebook” and occasionally return borrowed clothes with unexpected stains or holes. We see them on holidays and have a couple of strategically-placed photos of them in our apartments. It’s all very low-key.

If cameras were rolling and our lives were scripted, though, everything would be different. Together, we’d plot to get rid of step-parents, steal each others’ girlfriends, cast spells on ex-lovers and participate in suicide pacts. They’d either wholeheartedly support our goals or work vehemently to destroy us: there is no middle ground or room for subtlety when it comes to on-screen brothers and sisters.

To honor these extremes, Portable’s resident GIF creator Emma Ableson has compiled a list of cinema’s sweetest, saddest and most despicable siblings. Click through and hope that you don’t relate to anyone on either end of the insanity spectrum.

Words by Brodie Lancaster.