You might have heard by now, for those who have and maybe are struggling to actually believe it, yes, we confirm again. Tom Cruise is back to business.

It has been announced that he will be playing Maverick again in the sequel, Top Gun 2. Everyone expected Tom Cruise to appear in the next Mission Impossible movie, but how many of you actually expected to see Maverick 26 years later on the big screen? We didn’t.

Wether you like it or not. Tom Cruise is a classic, and to celebrate his comeback to the hottest looking pilot role, we made some gifs picking some of his best performances and poses just for you.

Gifs are all by Joy Davis. Joy Davis loves digital graphics as much as she loves clothes. She spends her time on the Internet reading up on fashion theory and also blogging about independent fashion designers and fashion film. She is sort of a Tom Cruise fan. Currently Joy does freelance work as she claws her way out of the jaws of customer service work.