As every episode of Girls passes, I like Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) less and less. She is the fucking worst. But as I hate her more and more, my admiration of this show as a whole flourishes. Girls has graduated from a quippy series of one-liners about privileged hipsters to a full-blown series, with plot and character development and even the occasional tug at the heartstrings. So as loathsome as Ms. Horvath may be, her creator Lena Dunham is far from.

When we left Hannah and the gang last week, Charlie — Marnie’s ever-doting boyfriend — had just broken up with her after reading Hannah’s diary and discovering that the two thought of him as a pathetic, over-sensitive loser. Of course, he translates these “journal” entries into a spoken-word song so that he can pull a “drop the mic” and storm off stage. Episode five opens up with the trio duking it out in their Greenpoint apartment, as Charlie demands that Hannah reads her entries aloud as a way of what… proving his point? Punishing Marnie? I’m not sure. Honestly, this scene of the episode was the least interesting sequence this week. Not even really worth explaining. In short, Charlie yells, Hannah acts like a cunt, Marnie stands stoically, Charlie storms off with the table he built. End scene.

Luckily for us, there is a surprising amount of development amongst the other characters in this episode. We discover that Ray, the obnoxious best friend of Charlie, works at Greenpoint hipster hot spot Grumpy Café (best coffee in Brooklyn). We get a glimpse of Charlie’s sweet ass apartment which appears to be in an intentionally nondescript area of Brooklyn. We watch as Marnie begs Charlie not to break up with her, offering to kick Hannah out and give him unlimited blow jobs. We’re even given a glimpse of how the two met in a flashback to their college days where we see Marnie experiencing an unwanted pot brownie trip which Charlie swoops in and saves her from (yes, awwwww). Unfortunately the “awwww” is short-lived as Marnie realizes while having sex with him that the two really do need to break up. Good timing Marnie.

Again, Shoshanna provides the highlight of the episode when Jessa returns to the apartment with a male suitor — a wildly unattractive ex-boyfriend — and proceeds to hate fuck him while, unbeknownst to her, Shoshanna watches from behind a curtain. “You batshit little perv!” That poor little virgin.

We also learn in this episode that men apparently like “sexy geisha outfits” that consist of a bathrobe, a top knot and ugg boots. Thank you for the lesson Jessa. I’ll be sure to don that the next time I head out on a hot date.