Before I get into the going abouts of the Girls world of season 1, episode 6, I have a little bone to pick with show creator and star Lena Dunham. Let me preface by reminding that my long-lived lady crush on Miss D is still fully intact, and I reach out only with the intentions of voicing my disappointment to an audience. Because I like attention. So… Here I go: LENA! On Friday, while strolling back to my apartment after a delicious and extremely satisfying brunch at local haunt Brooklyn Label, my gal pal and I stumbled upon the set of Girls, filming in an apartment on India St., a mere two blocks from my own humble abode. In an effort to welcome you into the neighborhood, I tweeted the following statement:

“Lena! I live around the corner and I have whiskey! Invite us over!”

You know what I got back? NOTHING! Not an RT, not a reply, NOTHING. Thanks Lena. Way to show me you care.

Anyway, on to the episode. What the fuck????

Episode Six was a complete separation from anything we’ve seen so far in the season. Not only does it take us outside of New York, but it centers around Hannah and her family, excluding for the most part, any of the other recurring characters in the season.