Italy’s premier optician Persol got its start in 1917, handcrafting advanced optical wear for the likes of pilots and sportscar drivers. At the time, the shop was known as Berry’s and run by a small-town optician who took a gamble by dabbling in advanced optical technology. His efforts paid off; combining comfort, durability, and precise prescriptions put Berry’s on the map as manufacturers of a quality product. The aviation goggles crafted by during this time were adopted by pilots in the Armed Forces as well as the Italian Military Aviation.

In 1930, Persol—Italian for “for the sun”—became the trademark associated with the now-popular line of aviation goggles. Persol inevitably went on to design regular frames, keeping specific needs in mind. In 1957, for example, they developed an oversize frame marketed towards those who needed extra protection from dust. Just a few short years later, Persol achieved overseas success as American film stars began to sport their glasses both on and off screen.

Modern incarnations of Persol products are aimed for mountain climbers and sports players who need durable glasses they can rely on to protect them from extreme elements. Persol continues to set the bar for excellence as their intricate handmade process involved has only been improved on since 1917. This new short film offers a glimpse into the creative dynamics behind each pair of frames.