This is awkward. This is so awkward you think it can’t possibly get any more awkward. And then she says, “Do you come here often,” and it’s like that moment in Mean Girls where Lindsay Lohan realises that the limit does not exist. Only in that scenario, the Mathletes win the title, and in this scenario nobody wins anything and you just have to feel more awkward.

The premise of MTV’s First Date is simple. The apparently disarming host Rya Baker takes celebrities on dates, where much like a real first date, she interviews them. Only in this scenario, the date is being filmed, and the two people aren’t really attracted to each other, so the date sucks and unfortunately MTV’s style-over-substance approach to interviewing can mean that the interview itself kind of sucks too, sometimes leaving us with a few cheap quips and not a huge amount of insight into its subjects.

On this particular date, inspired by the grassroots campaign for actor/musician/writer/comedian/babe Donald Glover (a.k.a Childish Gambino) to be cast as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the upcoming live action remake, Baker takes him to a ninja-themed restaurant (because she’s quirky and doesn’t take herself seriously, see!), which in Baker’s defence could have led to some great candid moments, but instead just makes Glover look uncomfortable-verging-on- terrified (“I feel like anything I say is just going to be very racist…”).

Glover still manages to come across as sweet and funny, so it’s unfortunate for him that this isn’t a real date; he definitely would have gotten to one or more bases. Check it out.