“Buyout,” the third to last episode of this season of Breaking Bad, involves much discussion of business and empire-building. Walt, Jesse, Mike, and Todd throw around business terms as if they’re talking about a legitimate business, be it a local bakery or a Fortune 500 company (echoing Walt’s season 3 observation that Gus’ operation was big enough to be listed on the NASDAQ.) Walt compares his current venture to his past one, Grey Matter,revealing a lot about his character’s feelings of inadequacy and needing to prove himself and such and such.

Something that struck me as very funny was Todd’s go-getter attitude at the beginning of the show. The way he espoused what he could bring to the company sounded just like an overeager job seeker or intern, new to a company and desperate to succeed and be liked.

How do the men of the new meth enterprise fit in with your generic coworker archetypes?