Most red blooded women will be quick to admit that they fantasize about Hollywood heartthrob James Franco…and occasionally those fantasies take place in bed. In this very intimate video by literary magazine The Paris Review, Franco does a dramatic reading of Amie Barrodale’s sexual charged short story, William Wei.  We all knew Franco was a fan of literature, playing Allen Ginsberg in 2010′s Howl, and while the red, fuzzy camera style could be initially mistaken for a C-grade celebrity sex-tape, Franco’s romantic yet humourous delivery reminds us why the Californian native has turned from Freaks and Geeks bad boy to respected leading man in films like Milk and 127 Hours.

The video comes after the announcement that Franco will be starring in the new Harmony Korine film, Spring Breakers, alongside a bevy of Disney starlets, including Bieber’s babe Selena Gomez, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens and Scream 2.0 queen, Emma Roberts.  The infamous Kids writer has said the film will be a horror flick where the girls rob a fast-food haunt in order to fund their Spring Break adventure, with Franco playing a rapping drug dealer named Alien. So things got slightly less romantic and I’m having flashbacks of Pineapple Express…let’s go back to imagining James Franco in bed.