If you’ve spent the last five years wondering just how Animal Collective made their seventh studio album ‘Strawberry Jam’, the wait is over.  The band have just released the a video which shows every second of the studio time spent whipping up the 2007 album.

Thankfully, the raw footage fits into a nice—or maybe not so nice, depending on your taste—nine and a half minutes.  Initially it was the band’s sound engineer, Scott Colburn, who had the idea to set up cameras to film the ‘cooking’ of ‘Strawberry Jam’ at Wavelab Studios in Tuscon, Arizona.  The video includes a montage of short clips that were taken once a minute during studio time, which is why we see the guys pop in an out of frame and drummer Deakin move around with an almost freakish deftness.

The Strawberry Time Lapse video was posted on Animal Collective’s vimeo page last week as as a statement that they are returning to the studio to record their eighth studio album.  This comes after a long hiatus from the experimental indie-pop US band, in which they had some much-needed family time, created a film slash visual record, and played at Coachella last year.

The candid footage of the band recording and mixing remains unedited, and the result is a bizarre mash-up of disorganised sounds that, to Collective fans. will sound cutting or coo.