As India remains in the midst of an agricultural crisis, photographer and filmmaker Jason Taylor is documenting the farmers’ stories. In a series of short films, Taylor explores the way in which the agricultural crisis is affecting Indian farmers, but also the ways in which they are helping each other to live and farm sustainably.

The subject of this film (the original extended version of which can be found here), Mr Natabar Sarangi shares his passion for seed with Taylor. Sarangi spends his time searching for indigenous varieties of seed that can be shared with the other farmers. He has managed to reintroduce 350 varieties so far, which will help local farmers maintain their crops.

Most of Jason Taylor’s work (both photography and film) focuses on developmental issues in underpriveleged countries. His aim is to prompt people into thinking about these issues in a way that allows them to make their own analysis of the problem. Taylor has worked on a variety of projects with organisations such as UNICEF, UNAIDS and Action Aid. More of his work can be found here.