We always knew that Kate Moss was beautiful. We knew she was fashionable. We knew about her penchant for drugs and sexy British men who look like they just stepped off the Brit-Pop train via 1970. What we didn’t know about Kate Moss is that she has a wicked sense of humour beneath her perfectly ethereal English-rose good looks.

In BBC Comedy’s latest short film/comedy skit, Moss plays the iconic Misery Bear’s crazed stalker. After a booze fuelled courting, Moss unveils a creepy Misery Bear shrine to the beleaguered bear, before chasing him down the street where he is inevitably (in true Misery Bear tradition) hit by a car.

The skit ends with Moss standing threateningly over the injured bear, wielding a fierce, vengeful look and a sledge hammer. With the final declaration “do something funny for money, or the bear gets it!” the video is intended to raise money for Comedy Relief.