Fact: Kiernan Shipka has better style than you. It’s okay, because she outdoes the rest of the cast of Mad Men, her tween contemporaries, and the majority of  red carpet darlings, on a regular basis.

Unfairly elegant, intelligent and articulate for a 12 year old, Shipka has become something of a Internet phenomenon, and deservedly so; not only does she do ‘classic ladylike fashion’ like an absolute boss, she’s a taekwondo expert, cape enthusiast and knows what a petticoat is (and collects them). We don’t know about you, but she seems like a much better fit for idolizing than the LiLos and Miley Cyrus’s of the world.

We’ve compiled a crash course to Shipka’s best looks both as not-so-little Sally Draper on Mad Men, and in her growing fashion world-domination, so you can do as we have and consider Shipka your new spirit animal to dressing appropriately.