Meet Lazar Feldman. At nine years old, Lazar is probably the youngest food blogger on the internet. His blog, New Foods, began as a New Year’s Resolution in January 2012 and quickly evolved into a series of articles, video diaries and reviews centered around one simple goal: to try 100 new foods in twelve months.

YouTube is littered with videos of kids doing cute things in front of cameras — usually at the request of prompting parents. But a series of cute home videos for mom and dad this is not. As the series progresses (he’s currently up to 82 videos) you get a very clear sense that young Mr Feldman is a star in the making. Yes, he does get a little help — his parents help with the camera work and art direction — but what celebrity television food critic doesn’t make use of a crew? In the last twenty or thirty videos featured on the blog you get a sense that each dish is carefully considered, as are the words describing everything from texture and sweetness to overall impressions left on the palate. This budding businessman is already ahead of most kids his age and knows how to work technology that his peers have yet to discover, explaining that his favorite part of running the blog (besides trying new food) is networking and connecting with his fans. Yes he has fans.

So what has he tried? Pretty much every vegetarian meal you could think of including avocado chocolate mouse (8/10), kulfi fulooda (7/10), huevos rancheros (3/10), pickles (0/10) and wasabi peas (also 0/10). He gets his inspiration from people writing in a suggesting what to try, but at other times he will look into the cupboard and see what is available. His favorite food that he has tried to date has been Naomi’s scones, Bill’s Banana Pudding, wagon wheels and egg rotii.

At day 82, Lazar has almost completed his goal. What’s next? Perhaps a regular segment on Martha Stewart or maybe his own day time television slot. At nine years old he can definitely hold out for the right offer.