Did you notice that we’re huge Beyoncé fans here at Portable? And did you notice that the lady can literally do no wrong by us? Or that, in fact, everything she does just makes us love her more and more?

Now, we weren’t born yesterday. We understand completely that everything that oozes from the Beyoncé machine is perfectly curated to tell a certain story, and to build upon a certain character. But it’s a story and a character that we can’t help but fall recklessly in love with, especially when she releases videos like this one of herself giving a tongue-in-cheek pool lesson.

Cute, funny, endearing, whip smart and with abs that speak for themselves, Beyoncé is everything, and everything is Beyoncé. Enjoy this little clip while you sip your morning coffee, and allow yourself to imagine, for a second, that Bey is, or at least could be, your best bud. And finally… BEY CONFIDENT!