As a young Canadian, growing up just over the border before the days of YouTube and online pirating, I was always exceptionally jealous of everything MTV. From TRL and Carson Daly to The Real World, it seemed as though America just had it all. Sure we had Much Music and our very own Rick the Temp, but the influx of ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEOS playing 24/7 just didn’t cut it.

Cut to my early 20s as the glorious 90s make their come back into pop culture and nostalgia is on the rise. With the magic of the interweb we’re suddenly given access to a plethora of slightly vintage pop culture. Most importantly, my eyes were opened to the world of MTV’s House of Style. As a fashion fiend and fan of anything tack, this discovery was like a goldmine of gawdy. Supermodels, pre-weight loss fashion designers and Spice Girls mall tours! Could a girl ask for anything more?

Well, MTV brought us some great news this week, with the announcement that they will once again (there was a failed attempt in 2009) bring back the iconic style show, inundating our computer screens, iPads and even televisions with a combination of archived episodes and brand new content. In a trailer announcing the return, style stars of now and then wax poetic over the impact of this seminal part of our youths; from Man Repeller Leandra Medine to former host Cindy Crawford, it seems the fashion world is well ready to embrace the shows return.

In order to prepare the network’s young viewers who likely had no clue that MTV used to air things other than Jersey Shore, and likely consider Kate Upton a “supermodel” (how dare they), MTV will air a documentary on August 7 entitled House of Style: Music, Models and MTV, depicting the impact of the series on 90s pop culture. Though Cindy Crawford’s replacement has yet to be announced, it’s rumored the lucky gal (or guy) will be announced at an upcoming MTV awards show. My money is on Karlie Kloss, Leandra Medine or god forbid, some celebutante like Vanessa Hudgens. Here’s hoping the network can manage to navigate the horrific toll our generation has taken on TV personalities and can come up with something to delight and surprise me.

In celebration of the return of everyone’s favorite fashion show (apart from the Canadian classic Fashion Television) we’ve collected a few samples of our favorite House of Style moments.