Girls, get ready for your close-up. The models of Next Model Management check their reflections, fix their lipstick, and refresh their contacts into a photographic lens for a Next Paris quick-pace video full of tongue-in-cheek vanity, hyping up the 2012 fall fashion season.

Directed by Sebastian Haddouk and Julien Gallico, the video is sleek in black and white. Starring a bevy of doe-eyed beauties like Abbey Lee, Arizona Muse, Cora Keegan, and Hailey Clauson, the video condenses twenty-three models into just under two minutes. Each of the models take turns walking to the camera, putting their best fierce face forward and adding a flirty spunky attitude to boot. They engage us for a brief but true moment. With punchy music by Pierre “Ultra Orange” Emery, the result is just another fun, energizing Next Paris production!