I first heard Nicki about four years ago on Weezy‘s mixtape ‘Wayne’s World 4′. I bought it on Broadway and West 4th like a whiteass tourist. I was just getting into Wayne at that time, but I heard this tinny bitch on a couple tracks and had to know more about her. Thus began my voracious appetite for all things Nicki.

Not only was her voice hot and her lyrics hilarious and cutting, but her presentation in all forms was just flawless to me. Nicki is super-female but can become, in an instant, a douchey motherfucking dude or even this tough dyke. She’s amazing and tries to embody everything and everybody, and, yet, it’s not overwhelming, and she still puts out distinctly “Nicki Minaj” looks, traits, flows, etc. Here are the best videos of Ms. Minaj doin’ her thang in 2011.

Ilana Glazer is a comedian living in New York City. She is one-half of the powerhouse web comedy duo Broad City, whose YouTube series is currently being developed into a television series by FX with producer (and occasional guest star) Amy Poehler. She worships at the feet and derriere of Nicki Minaj and we invited her to indulge her passion in honor of our favorite celebrity of the year.