Ah yes, the nineties. We return, once more, to the decade that seems to be infiltrating every aspect of our subconscious. The nineties are on our Spotify playlists, in our pirated movie folders and all over our bodies in the form of high waisted cut-offs and barely there crop tops. It’s on our television screens in the form of 90210 and 21 Jump Street. But what is missing? What is lacking from our nostalgia repertoire?

Why, the brooding faces and chiseled (yet slender) abs of the greatest era of heartthrobs we’ve yet to see. From the glaring eyes of Johnny Depp to the gelled curls of Andrew Keegan (remember him?) we’ve put together some ogle-worthy gifs to keep your summer loving hearts fluttering for months to come. I could certainly use more vulgar terms to describe the sensations I hope to inspire in you, dear readers, but I am a lady. And ladies do not talk about lady boners.

[Gifs by the amazing Shaun Joseph Stewart, unless otherwise stated]