With the ‘Shit ____ says’ trend on the decline, a group of creative New Yorkers have rekindled the flame in support of International Anti-Harassment week (18-24 March). The ‘Shit Men Say To Men Who Say Shit To Women On The Street’­ clip—you may need a breather after saying that one—encourages men to put a stop to harassment they witness on the street through a series of non-violent messages from, “Man, I can’t take you anywhere,” to, “I don’t care how she’s dressed,” all of which reinforce that unwanted woof whistles, air kisses, comments and gestures are not okay.

While over 90% of women experience street harassment (most having learned to ignore it) the campaign explores the idea that this kind of harassment is now a human rights issue, prohibiting women from feeling as comfortable in public as men do. The video has proved a huge success, bringing this issue to light through a careful balance of humor and light-hearted banter in the hope that next time you witness street harassment you too will put a stop to it and say some shit.