A simple concept: taking pictures of passersby on busy Danish streets. There is a strength in delivery here that creates a true connection between the lens and the photographer, the subject and its viewer. The photographer goes by the name of Jonas Normann and he believes that “every face tells a story. And every story is worth telling.” Normann communicates exactly that with this series of intimate portraits in motion, set in his hometown of Vejle, Denmark.

He makes it so easy to connect with every single one of the chosen faces. A Tribute to the People of Vejle lacks spoken word, but the connections we as viewers make with the vast variety of personalities and faces in front of us is so unique, Normann deserves major props for the work he’s done. A few seconds with each person feels like more than enough time to learn their story. Normann shows off a unique talent in not only making it okay to stare at someone for a prolonged period of time, but turning it into a necessary form of art. Why not try to get to know one another through photography?