Hedi Slimane did what most people could never do when, in 2007, he stepped down as Dior Homme’s artistic director—some said, at the height of his designer career.  Yet the influential designer’s illustrious career didn’t begin to cease, with his venture into photography producing an individual aesthetic and captivating portraiture.  His latest exhibition ‘California Songs’ has been documented in this six-minute short film.

The Parisian has a large portfolio of fashion and editorial work, yet the allure of his ritual black and white portraiture is at the core of his work as a photographer.  Hedi has photographed some of the most famous faces of contemporary celebrity culture—Gaga, Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse—and was one of the first to publish work on the revolution of London’s youth culture.  His work takes on a kind of rock documentary of minimalist youth and creates exposing portraiture of the individual and a generation.

‘California Song’ is a collection of the photographers’ exploration of urban youth culture and artistic communities in California throughout the past few years.  The video—presented by art and culture service Commonwealth Projects—shows the exhibition’s artwork and opening night at MOCA in November, as well at the billboards across LA in black and white film.  The exhibition featured 3D cubic and multi-projection presentation of the artwork, a motion-photography installation and a live performance space featuring Cali band, No Age.

The detailed progression, fitting score (courtesy of No Age) and monochrome palette acts as if fine tuning a lifelong craft—and brings the portraiture to life.

The exhibition is running at the MOCA Pacific Design Centre in LA for just a few more days, until January 22.