After becoming disenfranchised following years of working as a fashion editor for major publications, Elisa Goodkind embarked on a new venture that she hoped would help the concept of “personal style” return to being an extension of someone’s personality. With her daughter Lily Mandelbaum at her side, the co-founders of StyleLikeU began recruiting like-minded sartorial visionaries to profile on their website.

The video features of people of all ages, races and backgrounds that make up the site use personal interviews to dissect the personalities and ideas behind the well-dressed people we see on the street. These expressive portraits aren’t about fashion, but rather about expressing and showcasing the stylistic beliefs of clothes’ inhabitants.

In this week’s What We’re Watching, Lily and Elisa have dug into their expansive archive of videos and selected their top 10 most inventive, exciting and inspiring stylish subjects.