New York based subscription service, Svbscription, recently rolled out its second parcel to over two hundred members worldwide. Centered around the theme of Study, the parcel was carefully curated to include a selection of high end products from an array of international brands; Loden Dager (New York), Harper Collins (UK), Le Labo (New York) and Kaweco (Germany) all partnered up with the premium service to provide goods that will both expand the mind and benefit the soul.

The products have been carefully selected to fit around the idea of Study and how the modern man might interpret this in order to fulfill his everyday studious needs. Fittingly each item serves an important additive to the growing needs of a professional male, from staying practical with the pen and atomiser to enriching one’s day with the folio and novel. Where many may not have had the time to seek out such products, Svbscription conveniently packages these contents straight to your doorstep.

Encased in a beautiful wooden box, Svbsciption members were treated to an exclusive suede folio, the highly anticipated novel by Nicole Baker, The Yips, a custom metal atomiser engraved with member’s initials and a premium fountain pen. The combination of which produces a package suited to customers with an appreciation for refined and “in the know” products.

Co-founder and editor of Svbscription, Marc Goldenfein explains further; “There are lots of niche audiences around the world, in this case we are connecting with a group of people that want a refined and interesting experience. Shopping, retail and editorial are changing so rapidly. Svbscription is about combining these worlds creatively.”

Though targeted to the male demographic, Svbscription maintains that its packages are suited to those who identify with content and experiences that are high-end, coveted and at the forefront of design. Work on V.3 of the specially curated service is already underway and we managed to get Goldenfein to hint at its process.

“The third edition is coming in December and we want to help people constructively fill their leisure time. The parcel includes pieces from both local and international designers and some limited edition collaborations. I can’t give away the contents just yet.”

Registration is now open for Svbscription’s V.3 of the specially curated parcel.