Last week Tavi Gevinson launched Rookie (the website for teen girls of which she is the Editor-in-Chief), flew to New York for Spring Fashion Week and hosted a party at Miu Miu for Fashion’s Night Out. She also started 10th grade.

We met up with her at the Advanced Style party at the Ace Hotel (which she co-hosted with Ari Seth Cohen) earlier this week to celebrate the styles of teenagers and seniors alike. It’s the former of the two that is Tavi’s specialty; not only has she spent the last few years changing the rules and preconceptions of what teenage girls wear, think, say and do, but she’s now using her wealth of experience on the topic (which is growing each day she remains in her teens) to facilitate a place where other young girls can learn and share with their peers.

Outside the Internet, spaces like these are limited to school lockers and bedrooms, a place that Tavi values for its privacy and familiarity. Playing off the overused and cheesy adage, “Dance like no-one’s watching,” her guest post for Portable celebrates the moments in television and film when her favorite heroines take that advice and partake in solitary “freedom dances”.

Image Credit: Tavi Gevinson