Whether or not your pop-cultural interest is high or lowbrow, you’d be hard pressed to have missed out on the ‘will she, won’t she?’ chatter surrounding Nicki Minaj’s invitation to become the 4th judge of the current panel for American Idol. Comparative to other nominees like Enrique Ingelsias and Keith Urban, the idea of watching Minaj critique peoples lives on a regular basis is something we’d actually tune into the tired formula of Idol for, and the Internet has been flirting appropriately with the idea of Nicki as Idol judge no.4.

It could be a risky move for the primetime show – Minaj isn’t the most predictable of performers, and certainly not the most family friendly. Here at Portable, however, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re quite fond of the magically manical Ms. Minaj, so we’ve put together an argument for Idol to snatchy up Minaj in all her zaniness, playfulness and pink-ness, as fast as they can.