No one knows how to push the boundaries quite like Terry Richardson. Usually the nature of his provocation involves a babe of some description. This time around is no different—only the lovely Chloe Sevigny is almost unrecognizable as she sports some Terry Richardson-esque facial hair, over-sized specs and a plaid shirt.

Regularly the subject of critique for allegedly pushing models into uncomfortable situations, Richardson has proven that he can take as good as he gives as he overcomes his own obvious uneasiness in the name of art. The fun and games begin with Terry Richardson and his new doppelgänger bouncing around on set- high-fiving with goofy smiles and giving enthusiastic thumbs up. Festivities take a turn however, when Richardson excitedly exclaims: “Oh yeah, we need to do a kissing shot”. The rest is history. Awkward, fuzzy history.

See more behind the scenes imagery on Terry Richardson’s diary. His new exhibition, Mom Dad, also opens in New York this Friday at the Half Gallery.