I don’t know about you, but I live by the philosophy that the more greasy and unhealthy food in my life, the better. Hello curly fries! Good morning deep fried bacon! So what better way to celebrate everyone’s favorite food group than to wear its proudest member—the hamburger—on your precious feet?

Almost too many hip people worked on this (literally) drool-worthy collaboration, to bring about a limited edition of hamburger sneakers styled across the classic #95 Vans Era: first up is the one and only Mark Hunter, aka the CobraSnake, who designed these beauties in honor and memory of his obsession with hamburgers before he became a vegetarian ten years ago. Everything that dude does is frustratingly awesome, and this is no exception. To launch the Vans in an appropriately elitist fashion is the French haven of cool, Colette.

Watch some moments from the launch above, and be prepared to get very jealous knowing that with such a limited run, you’ll probably never get to wear fast food on your feet. Undoubtedly one of the most significant bummers of your lifetime.