The Internet was once a cold and dark place, illuminated only by PING replies and animated GIFS. There was no Google for us to stalk ex-lovers or potential employees. No Facebook or the instantaneous nature of blogging. Emails represented the pinnacle of technology and chatrooms were dark corners for socially inept 45 year olds acquainting themselves with hot 17 year olds (who were actually twelve)—or vice versa.

Retro Internet was also referred to as ‘Cyberspace’, a title that was confusing, earnest and completely devoid of irony. A far cry from today’s slick representation of digital information, navigating the Internet in the 90s was like discovering a Pandora’s box of porn, under construction signs and instant messaging.

Let’s tap into our nostalgia by revisiting the Internet before it was cool to admit you were on it.

Image Credit: Game Front