The new music video for Grimes‘ single “Genesis” debuted earlier this week, and we’re still not entirely sure what it is. Feminism posing as sensationalism? Japenese anime Cosplay? Or maybe Grimes just wants us to know she can look pretty even when sporting giant Sailor Moon style ponytails?

However you see it, “Genesis” is just another notch on the belt of what has already been christened the year of Grimes. On the strength of breakout album Visions, Grimes has managed to navigate a career from being both nothing like anybody else and paying homage to everything ever. Because her image and music are so hard to define, we find ourselves making up terms like ‘Witch House’, ‘Post-Internet’ and ‘Goth Pop’. But it’s by being hard to define that Grimes has stayed somehow mysterious, and it’s this element that helps her stand out as an interesting and evocative personality in the current musical climate that’s filled with attention seekers and sensationalism.

To get you up to speed on why Grimes manages to live up to the hype she’s accrued, we’ve put together a concise guide to what Grimes actually does, and why she’s noteable within an industry of showoffs, weirdoes and ‘the next big things.