Okay. So all of your friends are over, hanging in your driveway on a hot summer day and you can’t quite figure out what to do. You want to do something active but also musical. Hmm. What to do; what to do? All of a sudden you remember your newest tech acquisition and a light bulb goes off in your head. The turntable rider! You get to show off your BMX skills, listen to awesome music (that you’re mixing with every axle or wheel trick), and be thoroughly entertained.

After seeing the Cogoo Turntable Rider bike sharing device being used in so many different ways in their promotional video (featured above), it’s easy to be infected with the camaraderie and fun they all seem to have with this device. Add any music through an iPhone or iPod and change it up manually with the fader pad-feeding gyroscopic motion sensor attached to the handlebars or by using the bike essentials to maximize the musical experience, the wheels become jog wheels and the brakes do double duty as sound pads. So far, no information has been released regarding price or availability date, but the Turntable Rider should make a much anticipated appearance at the 2012 Kaikoo Popwave Festival.

[via Prefix Mag]