Another year, another terrible Nicolas Cage movie. Don’t try to deny it, there’s a special place in your heart usually reserved for suppressed memories that still holds the candle for that ersatz ex-Coppola, even when you can barely watch him attempting to form facial expressions for laughter.

With his newest exploit Stolen (which is basically a not-so-subtle taking-off of Taken) storming into cinemas near you next month, we’ve finally come to terms with the fact that Nic Cage, star of Adaptation, Peggy Sue Got Married and Wild At Heart is now a bona-fide sellout with a penchant for bad hairplugs.

You’ve laughed at the memes and been more than a little terrified (admit it) by seeing him as everyone, and now it’s time to shout out ‘HOW’D IT GET BURNNEDDDD?!?!?!” with us as we revisit the defining films of Cage’s ongoing cinematic suicide.