Breaking Bad is just a beautifully put together show. Every single cast member, writer, editor, meth-lab set builder, and so on, is totally on the ball throughout the whole series. The show has near Heisenberg-cooked-meth levels of perfection.

An aspect of the program that adds a lot more than “chilli p” ever could is Breaking Bad‘s crazy effective use of music throughout. Not only is the music that is created for the show (the soundtracky type stuff) incredible, but the use of existing songs to emotionally elevate important scenes is always extremely effective.

Most of the really great uses of pre-existent song are for montages (cooking meth, selling meth, hookering,) or to punctuate a major twist at the end of the episode. These four awesome music scenes are all moments that use music well, but are also hugely important moments for plot and character.