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Released in cinemas on Friday is The Five Year Engagement (produced by Judd Apatow) a film that’s premise is, well, exactly how it sounds. Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) do the easy part: they get engaged. Not so easy: actually getting married. The high-flying, career focussed Violet continually delays “I do” in exchange for a job in Michigan, much to her family’s disdain (“Grandparents have a tendency to die, you know”). Violet isn’t so concerned, and it’s the kind of total non-dilemma that I think Blunt’s character should be praised for — who cares when you get married, or if you get married, or who you marry, or if you stay engaged for five years, ten years, forever?

Which is the precise reason why Violet is a Fierce Fiancé, in a totally non-crazy, non-bridezilla way. I could detail a list of bride catastrophes starting with Kim Kardashian and ending with Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars but that would be horribly boring and degrading and would be tapping in to all those nasty stereotypes dictating that a woman about to get married is a crazy person. To prove that stereotype wrong are Portable’s favorite, feistiest and feircest fictional fiancés (after the jump).