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Margaret Tate, The Proposal (2009)

A fairly underrated film, The Proposal, highlights an extremely underrated actress, Sandra Bullock, as a horrible, lonely and incredibly mean boss at a publishing company, who constantly kicks around her baby faced PA, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). But after the news that her Canadian arse is getting deported, she decides on a whim to marry Andrew, in a fit of blackmail and mutual disgust. However, as all Hollywood romances inevitably go, the supposedly unhappy couple eventually turn in to a happy one against all odds. I deem Margaret Tate a fierce fiancé not only because she was a mean person before getting fake-engaged, but because she strongly tried to turn down Ryan-Freaking-Reynolds’ public display of affection and marriage proposal by bravely and honestly saying, “You don’t want to date me.” Ugh, such Elizabeth Bennet style control! So incredibly fierce!