Chances are you’re probably not even going to read this, and it’s our own fault for including the above image. But on the off chance you happen to tear your eyes away from the sculptured abs up there and are still lucid enough to read this text then know: We love True Blood‘s Alcide Herveaux. Like, duh.

Last season it struck us that Alcide should probably have his own spin off, working title, “Alcide Sexily Carries People.” Well, we’d watch it at least. So as we gear up for season 5 (starting on Sunday 10th of June, look out for our True Blood recaps which will be replacing the now finished season of Game Of Thrones reviews), and that inevitable Sookie-Alcide hook up that makes us want to scoop our own eyeballs out so we don’t have to endure the horror of their union, we remember past moments where the beautiful Alcide (sexily) carried people.