The problem with central characters is that you have to care too much for them. You have to be invested in their struggles, care about their successes and well, want to watch half an hour or hour of their life every day/week/as often as you can be bothered. Supporting characters, on the other hand, provide a welcome relief from the trials of the protagonists of your chosen primetime television choice – they’re usually the wacky, edgy or bitchy foil to the ‘relatable’ central character.

But ‘relatable’ is boring, so we’ve decided to avoid the cliche of ‘Best Tv Characters Ever’, which is usually just an excuse for people to talk about The Wire / The Sopranos / Aaron Sorkin (which we still all love, we promise!), and instead we’ve compiled an ode to the standby characters, the weird and wacky guys on the sideline we wish had their own series….