It’s Australia Day tomorrow. There is debate as to why, but the good news is we get a day off, get to eat packets of supermarket lamingtons guilt-free and we get the opportunity to celebrate some of our Australian fashion luminaries.

In a lame attempt to promote our fashion industry, The Australian government’s international affairs website claims “The Driza-Bone (‘dry as a bone’) coat is to Australians what the Burberry trench coat is to the English”—how embarrassing! For us, the Driza-Bone is about as relevant as Peter Andre (like Peter, it’s a weathered, oily, overly brown monstrosity). Perhaps we should write a letter to our head of state informing her that the Driza-Bone is soooo 1898 and that we’ve come a long way baby!

This week, we salute some of our beautiful Australian designers (while we eat a pie).

The creators of the genius new blog Wardrobe v Pantry couldn’t decide what they liked more—food or fashion. So they just stuck ‘em together. Each week they’ll share a selection of their fashionable foodstuffs with Portable readers. If you can’t wait until next week to see more, head to their Tumblr or Facebook pagefor daily sartorial treats that’ll leave you salivating.