Any God-Bill Murrary-fearing Wes Anderson fan will be anxiously counting down the days until Moonrise Kingdom, Anderson’s first feature since 2009, is released into our cinemas and our kitschy, ironic souls. We mark our diaries in perfect symmetry with a red pen, hovering above our desks exactly like this, just to get appropriately hyped. To briefly settle the anxious palpitations of our Wes-deprived hearts, Hyundai premiered two commercials (the first above; the second here) directed by the man himself, which premiered during the Oscars broadcast on Sunday night.

And boy, does it make us want to empty our bank accounts and buy a Hyundai. The overload of Wes-isms make us smile with nostalgia for the first time we watched The Royal Tenenbaums, the countless times we watched Rushmore on rainy weekends in high school, and even for yesterday, when we watched every Anderson slow-mo shot set to Ja Rule. Car ads are boring. That is an undisputed and given fact (except for this one). They’re all sleek exteriors and comfy interiors with exceedingly handsome drivers and fake smiles. Thank you, Wes, for the flying car in your commercial and passengers wearing helmets underwater (so very Zissou). Thank you for your signature lateral tracking between sets, symmetrical shots, your yellow coloring every scene, a dad who can’t get being a dad right, magnets falling off a fridge in an instant cascade and a cute kid happily sitting in a high cupboard.

And now those sixty seconds are over, we’re back to nervously waiting Moonrise Kingdom. You’re killing us, Wes.