When the internet chirpily informed us that our favourite McGuire aka Hilary Duff was returning to television after signing up for a sitcom deal, we couldn’t help but take a moment to remind ourselves how the Duff was relevant enough to warrant half an hour of our attention per week (don’t take it too seriously Hils, we’re still happy to have you back!) Trying to place where Miss Duff had been over the last decade of our lives seemed to only remind us of a Lindsay Lohan catfight, some questionable relationships and a guest run on Gossip Girl.

Somewhere through trawling up a storm on Hilary we wondered, what happened to the other wave of adolescent Disney and Nickolodeon stars that defined most of our childhoods? Whilst waiting for Hilary’s new sitcom (which we can only hope is some kind of college spinoff on her Lizzie McGuire character) we went investigating some of the funny and strange lifestyles of your former favorite tween star.