Everyone has heard the phrase what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine—no doubt most of us have had it drilled into our impressionable heads at some point in our lives—but what happens when we wake up from our naive slumber to the realisation that dollar signs have actually been tattooed into the eyes of our friends and foe? That suddenly, not nearly as many people are thrilled by the hippie commune themed share and share alike lifestyle ideals as you’ve been naively brought up to believe? This is where we look to Kirby Ferguson and his reality check video presentation Everything Is A Remix: Part 4 for help.

Attempting to explain, in the most ultimate of PowerPoint presentation format, why we have just woken up in the midst of our worst case scenario, Mr Ferguson has a pretty decent go at providing an in depth description of the world’s current conundrum, how and why we got here, and why we are now experiencing system failure, in the most simple of terms.

In the beginning, ideas were free to use as inspiration, and subsequently ideas were openly copied and built upon. This is how we create. But the introduction of the market economy changed all that; ideas became property. We’ve learnt to hate losing what we’ve got and have become very territorial over our personal ideas. Trade agreements such as ACTA (the Anti-Couterfeiting Trade Agreement signed by Canada, Australia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States) have been signed, and we are about to feel the biggest intellectual pinch big business has ever stretched out their hand to give us. Basically, unless we all stand up and get educated about these issues quick smart, our creative freedom is screwed. Listen to Kirby, please.