‘Fashion is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn’.

The late Gore Vidal was never so succinct as when he mediated on the transparency of trends.

You’d think it’s that with the Internet, fashion is now universally accessible and constantly redefining itself, and for the most part you’d be right. It’s great to be able to connect with brands, designers and style-conscious affiliates instantly via the Internet. It’s great that we are able to access new trends as they break, courtesy of Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook and every blogger under the sun. It’s great that fashion bloggers have provided some excellent lifelike role models instead of the stick thing adolescents that usually populate the runways.

But the multitude of fashion on the Internet is both the best and worst part of contemporary style. For every Susie Bubble, we have someone like Rihanna tweeting about her new crop top ‘SO CUTE YOU GUYS’. Diversity is great, sure, but at the speed of trends changing these days it’s impossible to keep up, to remember who falls into the coveted clique of ‘hip’ and ‘relevant’ and who is out. It seems that though the Internet has broadened our options, the inspiration we get from it is still very limited.

So we’re stepping away from the computer and picking some alternative fashion-savvy folk for your inspiration. They may not be filed into the ‘stylish’ category and they may not be the best looking people, but they are the rule breakers, the runaways and the reletable that we can’t help but feel might help you channel your inner Frida, Yayoi or Helen over Snooki et al.