Adam Murfet and Jessie Oldfield are beautiful people. And I’m not just referring to the fact that they basically look like the modern day equivalent to a Disney Prince and Princess. There’s this infectious, positive energy that radiates from both of them that makes you feel instantly at ease; exuding familiarity like close friends you’ve known forever. I kind of want them to adopt me.

In June this year, Adam and Jessie premiered their film, Eight, for Francis Leon, made especially for Portable’s Fashion on Film Showcase.

I first met Adam when we both worked in the cosmetics department of a major department store in Melbourne. Two years later, he has directed and produced a string of widely successful fashion films with his now business partner Jessie Oldfield, and together they have started up their own production company, Certain Kind Of Light. I’m working at a call centre now. We’ve both come leaps and bounds.

Both Adam and Jessie studied film at university, and have been working in a professional capacity within the industry for almost a decade. In fact, it was on a film set the two met and first discovered their shared passion and ideas for a fusion between fashion and film.

“The first fashion film I saw was Dree Hemmingway’s Halston [Fall 2009] clip”, reflects Jessie, “I was ecstatic when I saw it… what I had been thinking about was actually real”.

“It was really uncanny because the conversations Jessie and I started having were about 6 – 12 months before the genre had really started to take shape”, Adam says of their early interactions, “We were definitely inspired by what was going on around then. They just made sense together”. Since then, the two have worked together on a number of different projects, primarily films for talented, emerging designers that have been hugely popular, showing at festivals all over the world, including Portable’s Film Festivals in both Sydney and New York.