Lady Gaga SHOWstudio Interview (1 of 13) [HQ] from ShowStudio on YouTube

She’s been on the pop culture radar for less than two years and has already become an icon. Each outrageous outfit she dons makes headlines, her music videos are works of art and her concerts sell out in seconds. Everything related to Lady Gaga is an event, including her interviews.

This weekend, fashion website ShowStudio– who have, since their inception, emphasised the importance of film as a communication tool for fashion- streamed live a two-hour interview with their Fashion Director Alexander Fury and the superstar performer. In the ninth in ShowStudio’s In Camera series, Gaga sipped from a china teacup, adjusted her circular, reflective sunglasses and answered user-submitted questions (from names like Perez Hilton, Marina Abramovic, Quentin Tarantino, Bret Easton Ellis, Naomi Campbell, Takashi Murakami, John Galliano and “Marcus, Sydney” alike), while Alexander typed Fury-ously on his laptop, creating a live transcript to accompany the video.

Gaga spoke of her fans (or “monsters”, as she so affectionately refers to them), possible names for future children, performing with Elton John, sleeping in those outfits and her love of iconic photographer (and ShowStudio director) Nick Knight.

The most revealing answer Gaga gave was to a question from “Jerre, the Netherlands”. He asked, “What question do you want to be asked? What question has no interviewer ever asked you, but you would like to answer?” to which she replied, “‘How are you?’ I rarely get asked that!”