Five years ago, some guy called Scott Schuman started a blog to share his street style images with the world. Since then, Schuman’s alter ego The Sartorialist has earned him money, millions of fans and prime seats at major fashion shows the world over.

Until now, you’d have been hard pressed to know more about him than how much he digs going to Disneyworld with his pal Garance Doré. With this video he and director Tyler Manson made to contribute to Intel’s Visual Life initiative, though, you get a real glimpse into his process and routine.

As well as getting recognised and snapping pictures of a construction worker’s boots, we see Schuman getting his close-cropped hair trimmed, updating his blog and comparing a trained photographer’s technique to that of a chef’s.

It’s not just famous bloggers contributing to the Intel project; you can have your work up alongside Schuman’s by uploading photos or a video representing “the people you know, the places you visit, the things that inspire you…” here