A Moment in Time, a short film from Dutch director Joost Vandebrug, calls the subject of reunions into question. Two friends (played by Clemens Chick and Jerome Ribiero) who’ve lost touch find themselves reconnecting in an old hangout. The passing of time and all of life’s shenanigans have caused them to drift, so they sit and discuss that it’s natural—neither of them should feel bad, or resent the other, over what has changed in the years since they’ve known each other.

The bittersweet discussion that takes place over coffee does not distract from the real focus of the film—Kris Van Assche‘s SS12 collection. Tailored jackets paired with loose-fitting trousers makes for a casual, yet smooth look that says, “I care about where I’m going, but I still want to be comfortable”—perfect for catching up with an old friend. The neutral color palette helps keep the pieces accessible, allowing them to function as workable pieces for both casual and business affairs.

The film ends on a melancholy note, with one friend telling the other he’ll be in town for another week. Chances are, they won’t be able to find time to meet up again, but their outfit choices are sure to stick around for a while.