In their mission statement, Colombian fashion line A New Cross say that their clothes are inspired by art in order create high conceptual clothing. A New Cross was only created in 2010, but its strong, clear vision is already highly developed as is seen in its presentations, designs and campaigns. In its Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra, A New Cross presents a dark almost hell like atmosphere, where fire, ashes, and bibles on the floor are common images.

A New Cross’ fall collection is minimal, chic and almost rocker like, exactly what we would expect Kate Moss or Gwen Stefani to wear. Directed by Freddy A. Pelaez, the campaign video is almost sacrilegious in nature, but if A New Cross tries to imitate art, then this video would most likely reflect the work of Francis Bacon, who in distortion and darkness found success.

The campaign video includes a lot of religious imagery and symbolism common to that included in the paintings by renaissance masters. Burning candles, a virgin statue, fire and a bible are among the symbols intertwined into the video, and while they may appear a bit out of place in such a dark atmosphere, like art they make the viewer question what it is they are looking at.