As soon as we read about this video reported in the New York Times featuring magician David Blaine courting a great white shark whilst wearing a dinner suit designed by Adam Kimmel, we immediately wrote to Adam Kimmel requesting more information and a link to the said video. We’re yet to hear back but with underwater fashion being a popular past-time of ours at the moment, we thought we’d write about it anyway (we’ll let you know on Twitter if/when Adam gets back to us).

Adam Kimmel’s fascination in the attire of working men has clearly been taken to new depths in this collaboration with one of today’s most versatile heroes. If you’re unaware of David Blaine’s talent, the video we’ve posted above from TED two years ago takes you through his exploits that range from being buried alive to holding his breath endlessly on Oprah. As Guy Trebay reported in the New York Times, Mr Blaine spent a few weeks diving off Guadalupe Island with Great White sharks until he became comfortable enough to don a Kimmel tuxedo and get up close.

The video is playing this weekend at PS1. If you get to see it up close, let us know about it on our Facebook page or Twitter.