Italian designer Alberto Incanuti has done something we’re very unaccustomed to seeing in creating a model-free fashion film for his knitwear brand Aimo Richly. There are no stony faces in sight, and stiff walks and pouts are not welcome; deliciously soft legwarmers and too-long sleeves must soften you somewhat.

Directed by Davide Calafa, this film goes behind the scenes of Aimo Richly’s  S/S 2012 collection photo shoot. All the people in the knitwear are contemporary dancers and are a lot more interesting to look at than your archetypal clotheshorses. The film is a lot of fun; it combines close ups of the stitches and the preparation for the shoot with dynamic pans of the dancers twisting around in the stretchy, generous clothes.

The shots of the beautiful vintage cameras and the old style music with the strained vocals show that the film and the brand is intended to be fun. Aimo Richly wants you to enjoy the clothes you live in and not to take life too seriously.

You can read an interview with Incanuti here about the film and his design concepts.