Alexander McQueen is a fashion house that continually strives to reinvent and transform its’ image; whether through the specific theme developed in each new collection, or the stubborn way in which the brand refuses to conform or subscribe to industry trends.

This stubborness is exemplified by director David Sims (who also shot the label’s Fall lookbook) in the new promotional video for the brand’s Fall Campaign, which sees space-age babe Suvi Koponen put on lazer glasses and dive into a gif-tastic rave cave. The video is more an exploration of color, texture and pattern than an advertisment for the new collection; we only get glimpses of a select few standout pieces, and they appear heavily distorted through filter and layers that look like a video clip from the 80s that’s been worn out in your old VCR over time.

It’s exciting to see where the label is developing at the hands of (relatively) new creative direcctor Sarah Burton, and this campaign already looks like a step away from dark and dramatic personality the brand has often become known for, and into some futuristic (and fun) territory.