In maths, complex geometry may refer to the study of very complex variables, lifeless shapes and mind-numbing manifolds. Forget maths, for when it comes to fashion, complexgeometries indexes an independent fashion brand that prides itself on aesthetic symmetry, sharp cuts and bold lines. Designed by Canadian native Clayton Evans, complexgeometries was created in 2007 after Evans experienced a change of heart and swapped traditional fine arts for contemporary fashion design.

As with each and every season, complexgeometries have released a sneak preview of the brand’s first fashion film for 2012. Due for official release in coming months, The King’s Son was directed by fashion film auteur Jason Last, the man who is deservedly praised for his synthesis of fashion and film and transformation of the fashion industry into a multidimensional art form. The film features the controversial yet captivating Australian poster boy for unparalleled androgyny Andrej Pejic, as well as Dana Michel of production company Band of Bless.

The film preview depicts what the renowned Jason Last does best: deep-seated emotion, unusual physicality and distinct style set against a dark and mesmerizing natural landscape and underscored by Canadian alt-pop group, Grimes.

Styled by Sarah Chavez, The King’s Son bravely transcends the boundaries of masculinity and femininity when it comes to contemporary fashion and design with a hint of old-school yet glamorous avant-garde.